Waters Edge Shingles

The Modification Review Committee has approved architectural shingles to assist owners with their choices related to reroofing projects. These colors are:  roof shingle colors

To view examples from the manufacturer web sites, click on the link below, Select Architectural (the choice in the middle of the screen) by checking, "See shingles from this family."  Scroll down below "TruDefinition Duration Designer Colors Collection" to "TruDefinition Duration Shingles."  Below the picture of the house on the left side of the screen, click, "Click here to view all colors." The five Waters Edge colors are within this group.

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Waters Edge Paint Colors

The Modification Review Committee will consider color schemes from the Sherwin Williams Paint Colors in the group "Neutrals".

Other paint brands are acceptable provided that they match these shades.

The home owner should include color chips with RMC application and specify body, trim and door color. Garage doors must be the same color as the body of the house or white.